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[accordions] [accordion title=”Insights and strategic analysis”]

We make your insights actionable with best practise advisory and strategic, tactical and operational analysis. We deliver the insights you need to get ahead today.

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Cost-benefit analysis

  • TeleFactions cost-benefit analysis investigates the direct relationship between your profitability and customer satisfaction by different touch-points and KPI´s. We will provide best practise conclusions and give recommendations in order to optimize your profitability.


Loyalty driver analysis

  • Loyalty Driver Analysis is an analysis on the tactical and the strategic level. It identify and priorities the different areas which promotes your customer satisfaction and therefore drives revenue. The driver analysis consist of two main parts; performance of the different business areas and impact of the specific area on your customer loyalty.



  • Net Promoter Score is a method to identify the strength in your customer base. The method divides your customers into three categories: promoters, passives, and The score will illustrate the loyalty that exists between you and your customers. NPS is based on a direct question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?
  • TeleFaction can perform NPS surveys in all your touch-points, as a natural part of your CEM and integrated VoC strategy.


Customer Journey Mapping

  • Customer Journey Mapping is a strong tool to identify your central touch-points and how the customer interacts with them. Further it will investigate the relationship between these in order to prioritise your efforts, and enable your organization to create best practise customer service.



  • TeleFactions process-measurements and analysis secure efficiency in your value-adding activities. Further it identifies broken processes, which hurt your customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Multi-channel strategy

  • This analysis provides insights regarding the design of your touch-point surveys, in order to optimize the return on the channels, which have significant impact on your customer satisfaction.
  • By analysing your multi-channel strategy, we will also provide information on how to leverage more efficient and qualitative channels. This will maximise the return on the most value-adding channels compared to less effective ones.


Tactical analysis

  • TeleFaction’s tactical analysis encompasses several levels in your organization. The purpose is simply to focus on the long-term results from your operational touch-point surveys and secure proactive implementation in our organization.


Operational report/ Tracking analysis

  • TeleFaction is all about making your customer insights actionable, and so are our tracking reports, which monitor the development in your touch-points, KPI´s and customer satisfaction. The reports mediate results on several organizational levels, e.g. management, teams and employees.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Consulting and workshops”]

TeleFaction provide assistance with strategic planning and education of your workforce so you can grow your customer loyalty and employee engagement! We have the passion and experience to help you get ahead!


Design of Voice of the Customer solution Workshop

  • The main objective for this workshop is to define the desired outcome of your Voice of the Customer solution, and the usability among the employees who drive the process. This is an essential part of making your CEM strategy successful.
  • As an important element TeleFaction have the experience to involve employees and executives on all levels to create a unified corporate culture.
  • TeleFaction realize that our Return on Behavior solution is only a part of your strategy. This is the reason why we deliver best practise advisory around every aspect and stage of your CEM or VoC strategy.


Design of survey workshop

  • TeleFaction know how to create best practise surveys, and we are happy to help you optimize your questionnaires´. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers!


Gemba workshop

  • On-site training secure essential knowledge about modules in Gemba and the most efficient and practical usability. It explains in-depth the different functions of Gemba and all the opportunities the system supports. This secures the best conditions of applying the data and anchoring of the desired behavior.


Commitment workshop

  • This workshop inspirer and motivate the verbal communication and anchoring of results and priorities. We build the workshops around your Voice of the Customer solution by applying your data, graphs and priorities to maximise the Return on Behaviour ®.
  • The workshop will focus on either being provocative, motivating or challenging based on your needs! We promise that TeleFaction will challenge your status quo.


Presentation workshop

  • TeleFactions presentation workshop is all about the existing ad hoc analysis´s; the pivotal point is secure understanding, motivation, and anchoring of employment. This is best practise![/accordion]

[accordion title=”Integration and implementation”]

Our implementation team is obsessed with the customer experience, and it deliver for one good reason: the best technology means nothing if it’s not properly deployed.

In TeleFaction – we walk our talk!


Feasibility study

  • Technical assessments of the solutions, which are beneficial for your organizations to implement, and further aligned with your business and technical processes.


Pre-test and post-evaluation

  • TeleFactions aspiration is the right solution of you! Therefore we see it as natural to evaluate implementation and integration before, under and after employment. Only by doing this we can secure the solutions meat our standards and surpass your expectations.


Tailored solutions

  • TeleFaction has the technical competences and knowledge to run your project – end to end and ensure the optimal experience tailored for you.
  • We identify the optimal technical match for your organization, with focus on your existing solutions.


Technical and business support

  • We provide sparring on daily basis, in order to promote usability and decrease the demand for your business and technical resources.[/accordion] [/accordions]


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