The Return on Behavior



Everybody can collect voice of the customer data; the main point is collecting it well and managing it so that it promotes action!

Multi-Channel Feedback

We have the perfect tools to capture the Voice of your Customer in your channel of choice and it is used effectively both in the public and private sector.


Record and coach your employees



Record your customer interactions and coach your employees to enable a superior customer experience, and only deliver the best customer service!

TeleFaction´s advanced call-recording solution is based on usability and are integrated with our Voice of the Customer program. This will secure an operational experience, which will make your customers happy!

Live analytics, KPI´s and NPS score

As the data is real time, so is our reporting tool. You can cut your data just like you want it, where you want and how you want it.

Gemba offers rich data visualization capabilities to evaluate and analyze your feedback, so you can quickly gain insight, draw conclusions and take action!


Real time business alerts


Case module

We provide you with everything you need to escalate and manage individual customer cases.

The platform help you take immediate action when it matters most to save at-risk relationships and maximize opportunities for new business.

Role-based insights

Role-based reporting makes it easy to create and manage dashboard and reports according to defined roles.

Managers with appropriate privileges can drill down through hierarchical report views and compare benchmark performance results across teams or even individuals.


Unified Reporting



You can build customisable dashboards and reports, which provide unparalleled flexibility for sharing relevant feedback across the organisation.

When having multiple surveys across channels, you can report on all your projects, no matter what channel you use to collect data, in a single reporting environment.